Best DUI Defense Strategies Used by a DUI Attorney

Defending oneself against any criminal offense can be much critical for a novice person. Hence, it is firmly recommendable to hire a criminal protection attorney in case of any illegitimate accusation. For you to select the best defense attorney, it is better to know the kind of your trial. Specialization of your lawyer is a crucial factor that may define chances of winning your case. For example, if you are accused of drunk driving, you should hire a dui attorney roanoke rapids nc as this will increase chances of dismissal of your case.

Driving while under the influence of any drug is an offense that can lead to a series of consequences. People tend to think that DUI is just a minor mistake which has bearable conviction and pleads guilty. What they do not consider is the aftermath of the sentence. A DUI conviction can lead to worse ramifications such as loss of a job, destruction of one’s reputation, and many more. Seeking DUI attorney services will help in avoiding such embarrassing situations.

Beating a DUI case is a quite hard task. It requires the lawyer to establish the best defense strategies to handle the situation. First, finding a mechanical issue on the BAC testers is a crucial factor in proving wrong prosecution evidence. BAC results are the heart of prosecution evidence. The defense lawyer may need to examine the apparatus that was used to test the BAC in his client’s blood. This examination aims to challenge and find flaws in the prosecution evidence. Mechanical errors may mean an inaccurate result. Defense lawyer uses such errors to dismiss a part of prosecution proof.

The second defense strategy is reviewing police reports to find contradictions. In most crime cases police reports are highly regarded. Police officers should be keen on taking recounts as they are supposed to present accurate statements in the court. If one police officer’s account differs from the other, it appeals reasonable doubt hence increasing chances of case dismissal.

The third defense strategy that a DUI defense attorney may apply is insufficient training of using BAC testing device by traffic enforcement officers. The defense is only applicable if the defense lawyer can challenge the arresting officer and prove that he has no adequate training of operating test device as require by DUI law. It is a strong defense that can help exclude BAC result in the prosecution evidence.

Lastly, late BAC and breath test is a defense strategy that helps significantly in weakening or dismissing test record in the prosecution evidence. Both the BAC sample and breath testing should be done shortly after the traffic stop. When the DUI defense lawyer determines that there were unreasonable delays before the examination, he can use this defense to weaken the prosecutor’s evidence.

In conclusion, driving under the influence trial is not an easy case as it sounds. It requires you to have a better understanding of DUI law and defense strategies you may use to avoid conviction. DUI attorneys are competent in this field of law. They work with the interest to defend and ensure the best verdict as expected by their clients. Hence, hiring a DUI attorney is an informed judgment you can make in case of DUI accusation.

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