Forging Ahead after a Marital Breakup

When you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, you may face a number of challenges in rebuilding your life. You have to find a new place to live and possibly get a new job. You also have to decide which parent gets primary custody of the children.

When you retain the services of law firms, court mediators, or child custody lawyers vancouver wa parents like you could get the issue resolved quickly. It may also be settled to your satisfaction.

Making Your Case in Court

Before the children can live with either parent, the family court has to issue a decree stating the terms of the custodial arrangement. They cannot simply move in with either parent without this order being decreed.

When you want to retain primary custody of the kids, you have to present a solid case in court. You must show the judge that you are the most stable parent and can support the kids financially, physically, and emotionally during and after the divorce.

Your lawyer can help you present evidence of your stability and also call into question the other parent’s ability to care for the kids full-time. With your attorney’s help, you could win the custodial arrangement you want or possibly share joint custody with the other parent.

Support Orders

Another reason to hire a lawyer to represent you during your divorce and subsequent child custody hearing involves getting the amount of support to which your children are entitled. By law, the children from the union must be financially supported by both parents. If you have primary custody of the kids, the other parent might be ordered to pay you support.

Your attorney can make sure this order is handed down by the judge and that it is fair to both you and your children. He or she can also make sure it is followed precisely and that the other parent does not default on it.

Child custody cases can be contentious and challenging. You can have yours resolved quickly with the help of an experienced child custody attorney.

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