How to Choose a Reliable DWI Lawyer and Law Firm in Albany

There are individuals, who engage too much in social lifestyle. During their free time, they like to spend it with friends to have some fun and of course, to have a drink. Actually, this is a usual lifestyle and it is fine because we all deserve to enjoy and relax. However, you have to be a responsible person, especially when it concerns your drinking with alcohol. You have to mark a border on your activity, drink moderately and do not drive. This is against the law in most countries and you have to abide it to avoid penalties. Anyway, you have to face the result of your wrong doings.

That’s why, if the authority in NY caught you in such condition, then you are in trouble. You will be considered as an impaired driver and would be charged with a DWI or Driving while Intoxicated offense. When this happens, it would be great for you to contact an Albany law firm for an attorney. You should be aware that facing an offense that is related to drug or alcohol is serious? You have to pay for your actions, which include restrictions to your driving license, penalty and then, you may go to jail.

It is true that you have the right to defend yourself and for this, you are allowed to hire a lawyer. An expert will be very helpful, since you still need to undergo the legal process. Now, if you are proven guilty with a 0.08 BAC or blood alcohol content onwards, then you will surely need a lawyer. You just need to learn about how to get a reliable firm, which is handles DWI cases. Here are a few considerations on how you are going to choose one.

Criminal Law

When you are choosing a firm, make sure that they have lawyers, who are experts in criminal law. Keep in mind that these firms focus on a particular field and what you need is the ones with DWI experts. If they specialize in managing such cases, then it would be easier for them to take care of your case.

Remember that familiarity with criminal law is a very important factor, especially you have to face the penalties – read to learn more. Through their knowledge and skills, the attorney will be able to defend you, using his updated strategies.


Pretty sure that you respect time so much because you also have other things to attend to. Well, you will know that your case is close to the winning side, when your lawyer responds to your needs as his client.

He will go over the offense and make sure to work on the charges, too. They usually have connections, anyway. Therefore, he will do his own research, talk to people and investigate as well. Of course, this will happen because he has his own researches and investigators.

This only means that he will plan and do everything to be prepared for your trial. If he can do such things fast, then you can get out of this trouble in no time.


Be very sure that this attorney had been practicing his professions as a criminal defense for DWI cases. Through his experiences in the local courts, he will be able to defend you with ease and comfort. And then, it would be easier for them to come up with the best strategies.

Because of their experience, they know how to make a good relationship with the clients. This is a factor that will lead to understanding. This means that he can perform his duties and responsibilities as professional criminal defense lawyer.

Customer Reviews and Referrals

One of the factors that you may consider is the written customer reviews as well as the referrals. If you are going to visit their website, then you will surely find there the testimonies and reviews from their previous clients. I supposed, you will spare some time to read these.

Some of you may have friends or family members, who can refer you a good law firm. Pretty sure that the people you trust will not recommend the ones with less capabilities of managing a DWI offense. Therefore, you may also try to consult them for your legal needs.

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