Learn More On Highest Paying Jobs In Legal Industry

If you’re engaging the law school and you’re wondering about the specialty that will get you the most money in your pockets on an annual basis, you should conduct research beforehand.

Of course, this shouldn’t be the factor that will help you determine the type of law you wish to practice, but you should think it through before you make up your mind.

Becoming a lawyer in Newark NJ is one thing, but there are other career options when it comes to a legal career that will also provide you lucrative ability to work with ease.

Salaries tend to range from a minimum one to ones with nine digits, but everything depends on numerous factors such as market demand, geographic location, practice environment, experience level, and a job that you will do of course.

We decided to present to you the most lucrative legal jobs that you can find in 2019:

  1. Trial Lawyer

You should have in mind that one of the highest paid legal professionals in the world is trial lawyers. Of course, you can find numerous types of civil litigators, and other attorneys that are handling high stakes and high profile cases, and they are mostly compensated.

However, you should remember that not all lawyers will make a significant and high income. For instance, public interest lawyers tend to earn modest salaries based on their location, and median pay for them is $100 thousand on an annual basis.

  1. Intellectual Property Lawyers

Apart from court lawyers, you should have in mind that intellectual property law tends to protect ideas such as copyright, patents, trademarks and other concepts that are profitable. It is the fastest growing area of law especially since the technology started to advance.

Statistically speaking it is one of the most lucrative opportunities that you can make in the legal industry. The median pay can reach up to $137 thousand, while high-end lawyers can make at least two hundred thousand dollars.

  1. Tax Attorneys

You should have in mind that tax attorneys tend to work with both businesses and individuals with the idea to solve tax issues that could happen along the way. At the same time, they can help you with estate planning and even if you want to to sue Internal Revenue Service.

You have to find them to conduct consultation in case that you’re starting a business or when you wish to draft a contract, and you do not know how to include tax additions.

Even though this particular type of legal work is not as popular as trial lawyers, have in mind that tax attorneys tend to earn a decent salary on an annual basis.

The median salary is one hundred thousand dollars, and it can reach up to two hundred thousand with ease.

  1. Labor and Employment Attorneys

It is important to remember that labor and employment attorney tend to work so that they can ensure that relationship between employees and employers stay fair and balanced. They tend to represent both management or employees based on their needs, and they get substantial compensation.

According to median pay, you should have in mind that most labor lawyers tend to earn approximately $90 thousand annually, while some of them can make more than $200 thousand.

By checking out this site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5-469WpsmY you will be able to learn more on how to find the perfect attorney for your requirements.

  1. Real Estate Attorney

When it comes to real estate attorneys, they tend to review contracts and offers so that both sides during the real estate transaction get fair and proper deals based on the law and regulations.

They work to make sure that sellers and buyers do everything fair on their side.

Even though they make decent salaries, the median annual wage can reach $80 thousand, and some of them can earn more than $150 thousand a year, which is an excellent money when compared with other legal industries and niches.

  1. CLOs (Chief Legal Officers)

CLOs or chief legal officers are known as general consumers, which means that they are heads of the law departments in various corporations. The more giant the corporation is, the higher will be the salary.

Since earnings could be significant, in some corporations, you can earn seven-figure amounts on an annual basis, which is the excellent addition that you should remember.

If you add to it legal bonuses and other offers that may affect the overall amount, this is the best job that you may get as a legal counselor.

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